Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mani Flow

I've always been a nail girl, bitchin designs and colors all the time. I would usually get an acrylic overlay over my real nails which were rather long and healthy. But over the years refill after refill I found that my nail bed became very weak and was damaged so I decided to go natrual. Im always looking for the newest and next trends in nails...So here are a couple of things I found

Going back to my natrual nails through Black Vixen Beauty I found Seche Vite, a whole line of products that aim to restore, rebuild, or repair damaged nails and keep them healthy. And from the looks of the pics on Black Vixen it seems to be a good product. I will be scoopin this because im considering gettin gel overlay for my nails but I want to keep my nails healthy in the process.

As I mentioned I love crazy designs and have spent hours on end deckin my nails out with studs and designs. But to make it easier on my self and to avoid going to the nail salon and getting that acrylic I sometimes use press on nails. I found Fabluxe Studios on Big Cartel that has press on nails with different designs already done for you.

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